April 3, 2018

It’s my birthday!

5:30:  Woke up – answered emails and texts.

5:53: Tiptoed to hotel pool to call Shawn my business partner. Collaborated. Can’t disclose contents of confidential meeting.  Would have to kill you if I told you. Not a violent person.

6:24: Hit the gym.  Stationary bike, elliptical for cardio: sit ups, curls, bench press, other weights to maintain my dynamic physique.

7:24: Back to hotel: Risk life and limb waking Paul’s (boyfriend) teenage daughters.

7:38: Shower and get stylishly dressed. One never knows who one will run into. I’m always prepared.

8:51: Head to the Vegas strip for breakfast. (It takes Claire and Elyse forever to get ready).

10:17: Dad texts me about his great interview with Michael Cadieux. Michael is managing partner of SpendLogic Group.  My dad is writing an article about Michael’s risky transition from CPO big wig to running a startup company. The article will soon be in our magazine, Catalyst. My father also edits my articles.  He will edit this one too. Hope you like it.

10:33: Exchanged text messages with Branden (oversees our lead generation) about our automated email campaigns, a website he’s building for our magazine and his magazine ad sales outreach. 

11:00: Back to room to freshen up for my meeting.

11:28:  Uber.

12:00 Met with Clark Wood at US Bank. Clark runs their casino division and I want to learn more about the casino industry to see if it’s a good target market. He’s going to make several executive level introductions for me at various casinos.

12:48: Uber.

1:00: Exchanged texts with Aubrey who is putting together the content and agenda for our upcoming Catalyst conference.

1:12:  Back to hotel for quick lunch and to answer emails and follow up with people I met at the Supply Industry Group Global Summit last week in DC. Follow up is to potential clients and channel partners – companies that can use our services or refer us to clients that need an outsourced print management solution. 

2:22: Scheduled my latest Print+Promo article to post on my LinkedIn tomorrow. The article is about the importance of getting a conference ambassador.  It’s really good.

2:37: Responded to 35+ LinkedIn messages.

3:14: Sent four emails to potential magazine ad sponsors (companies that would benefit from running an ad or story in our magazine).

3:30: Met up with Paul and the girls for some shopping and fun.

4:45: Back to hotel to get ready for a show.

5:30: Attended an undercover Beatles band show. Elyse loves the Beatles. She knew the words to every song.

7:30: Dinner at Indian food restaurant. We are all vegetarians. How can anyone eat an animal? Disgusting.

8:45: Frozen yogurt at Pinkberry.  Love that place.

8:51: Parents called to wish me Happy Birthday! They can’t believe I’m 35 years old.  Strange. Mom tells everyone she is 49 years old. Must have had me when she was in middle school. My parents are flying to Paris in a few days. Retirement is really rough on them.

9:00: Back to hotel. Opened birthday gifts from Paul and the girls.

9:17: Sent Clark Wood a follow up thank you email with a blurb he can use for introductions.

9:24: Emailed Courtney changes for a podcast infographic we are going to use for social posting to promote our new Career Conversations podcast.

9:31: Spent an hour sending follow up notes to people I met at my conference last week.

11:00 Lights out; bedtime

This article first appeared in the Print+Promo publication.

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