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Benchmark Report

RSN Print/Marketing Services Procurement Benchmark Report

By March 25, 2020May 16th, 2021No Comments

RSN Print/Marketing Services Procurement Benchmark Report

About This Report

In many organizations, the supply chain for printed materials and marketing services is highly fragmented and filled with manual processes that drive excessive costs. A growing number of business enterprises and other organizations have implemented an e-sourcing application to streamline the procurement of printing and marketing services, but some procurement leaders still wonder whether such a tool is right for them.

The RSN Print/Marketing Services Procurement Benchmark Report is designed to help answer that question. For this report, we analyzed data in our Sourceit e-sourcing platform for nearly 37,000 purchase transactions with a total value of over $86 million.


Read this report to gain insights on:

  • How the consistent use of competitive bidding drives significant cost savings

  • How much spending and how many purchases organizations are managing with the Sourceit e-sourcing platform

  • The types and sizes of organizations that are using the Sourceit platform to drive cost savings and increase procurement efficiencies

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