Let Us Do the Work

The procurement of printing and marketing services can be challenging for any company to manage effectively and efficiently. These categories typically involve many suppliers and require a large number of relatively low-value purchases. Just as important, printing and marketing services are complex spend categories that demand specialized knowledge and experience to master.

Many companies don’t have the expertise that these spend categories require, and it often doesn’t make business sense to acquire or develop such capabilities internally.

If your company is facing these challenges, RSN’s procurement outsourcing service may be right for you. Our sourcing professionals have an in-depth understanding of the print and marketing services categories and decades of hands-on experience in the space. In addition, our procurement experts leverage the capabilities of RSN’s powerful Sourceit software to ensure that our clients maximize the benefits they receive from their print/marketing services spend.

A Comprehensive
Outsourcing Solution

RSN provides a comprehensive, end-to-end procurement outsourcing solution for printing and marketing services. From start to finish, our procurement professionals manage every aspect of the sourcing process and coordinate with suppliers to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget. When RSN is your procurement partner, we manage all these essential sourcing tasks using Sourceit:


Developing complete and accurate specifications for each proposed purchase


Identifying “best-fit” prospective suppliers for each proposed purchase by matching project requirements with supplier capabilities


Preparing and distributing RFQ’s/RFP’s to prospective suppliers


Receiving and analyzing bids/proposals from prospective suppliers


Selecting the winning supplier and initiating the purchase


Managing the project from award to completion, including:

~ Handling all communications with the supplier
~ Coordinating the proofing process
~ Processing change orders, if required

Reviewing supplier invoices and making appropriate payments


Providing you with detailed spend and supplier performance reports

Dedicated, Technology-Enabled Client Teams

Every RSN outsourcing client is served by a dedicated team of sourcing professionals who thoroughly understand the intricacies of printing and marketing services procurement. And every client team leverages all of the capabilities of RSN’s powerful Sourceit software to provide clients significant cost savings and exceptional visibility regarding spending and supplier performance. RSN client teams can be based onsite or offsite depending on individual client needs.