The Services

Your Outsourced Print Solution

Whether your resident expert is nearing retirement or you would like to apply staff to other categories deemed more strategic, talk to us. Not surprisingly, we employ category experts who use our technology to maximize client-benefits. We are eager to discuss various ways we have successfully worked with clients in fully outsourced and hybrid outsourced models of engagement.


We can place staff on site who report into assigned client leadership (e.g. marketing, procurement) or we can manage the buying remotely from one of our offices.

Efficiency & Effectiveness

RSN was founded by print experts who understood the category would benefit from centralizing its data management and supporting best sourcing practices. Whether our clients choose to outsource or insource, our solution is put to work in much the same way. For example, when a client has a new print project, the RSN buyer enters the specs and project details into the system. The job is then bid to five approved suppliers.  After the job is awarded to a supplier, a proof (digital or physical) is generated and approved. The job is produced and delivered. The tracking information and data is stored in the system by job number for easy client access.

Stock and custom reports are available online.

Savings is tracked by job, month, quarter and year.

Spend data by product type, category and department is stored for future reference.

Our e-sourcing tool integrates with SAP (Ariba), Coupa, Oracle, Synertrade, PeopleSoft, Salesforce and other procurement platforms to send data, cut POs and allows for supplier catalog integration via open APIs.