Procurement Executive Roundtable

Digital Procurement:

Devil Child or Child Prodigy

Have you ever experienced a painful procurement technology implementation? Was it worse than childbirth?

Have you ever wondered why your organization has spent a ton money adopting a procurement system that has delivered so little value?

Does the word “digital” and its associated, technical buzzwords make you want to spitup?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, then you are invited to join us for a vibrant, pointed discussion about digital procurement. Our nurturing panel of experts will give you all the necessary digital procurement poop: finding true value, avoiding pitfalls, and knowing if your organization’s proverbial, digital procurement diaper needs changing.

Our panel experts have survived digital procurement parenthood. They will share their stories of failure and success in terms that even a first time digital procurementee can understand: No technical gobbledegook allowed. Our panel of procurement practitioners will help you understand what it takes to transform your digital procurement devil child into the perfect digital procurement little angel. For our panel of experts, helping others better understand digital procurement is a labor of love.

When: Tuesday, November 12th

Where: 199 Capp St San Francisco, CA

Time: 6 – 8:30pm PST

Format: networking, appetizers, drinks and a panel

Live stream: follow us on Facebook or Twitter to receive a notification when we go live; message us any questions you may have for the panelists panel



Elouise Epstein Ph.D.

Vice President
A.T. Kearney


Amy Fong

Vice President
Everest Group


Linda Guzzi

Procurement and Transformation Leader


Jeri Sessler

Advisor, Sourcing Special Programs
Stanford Health Care


Erin Riley

Director of Procurement Services
University of California

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