Cracking the Code on Successful Martech Procurement

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Cracking the Code on Successful Martech Procurement

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Last year, Third Door Media adopted the phrase “Martech is marketing” as the new tagline for its highly-regarded Martech Conference.

While saying that Martech is marketing may go a bit too far, there’s no doubt that technology has become indispensable to the practice of marketing in the twenty-first century.

Technology now impacts virtually every aspect of marketing, so it’s essential that companies acquire and use the right technology tools. And because the marketing technology landscape is evolving rapidly, the job of evaluating and acquiring technology never really ends.

Therefore, it’s critical for companies to use a sound process for sourcing marketing technologies, and this is where procurement professionals can play an important role.

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  • The explosive growth of the marketing technology landscape

  • Why technology has become central to the practice of modern marketing

  • How seasoned sourcing professionals approach the procurement of marketing technologies

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