Is a Print E-Sourcing Solution Right for Your Company?

Why Read This eBook?

Printed materials and marketing services are two of the largest categories of indirect spending for many business enterprises. Yet, despite their obvious importance, these spend categories aren’t effectively managed in many companies.

The purchasing processes for printed materials and marketing services are often fragmented, complex, and mostly manual, and they frequently result in excessive costs and process inefficiencies.

Today a growing number of companies are implementing print e-sourcing solutions to reduce costs and optimize their procurement processes. However, many procurement leaders are still uncertain about whether they should acquire a print e-sourcing solution.

Read this eBook to learn:

  • Why most companies need a better way to purchase printed materials and marketing services
  • What a print e-sourcing solution does
  • What benefits a print e-sourcing solution provides
  • How to decide if a print e-sourcing solution is right for your company

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