Join us on Clubhouse Every Tuesday

We’re obsessed with Clubhouse. In a good way.

Join us. Tuesdays is our day. Running one room just wasn’t enough to get our fix. So we decided to add a second room.

We kick off the day with our marketing procurement room at 11am EDT.

Sarah Scudder co-hosts the room with the lovely Tina Fegent. Tina runs a consulting firm that helps clients be the best in marketing procurement practices. Checkout Tina’s company here:

Upcoming Topics:

-Developing a Fully Transparent Supply Chain and Measuring Positive Impact

-Overcoming Complexity to Reduce Costs

-Impact on Commercial Relationship

-Marketing at a Holding Company

-Communication, Consistency and Creativity

We close the day at 7pm EDT with our Print and Packaging room. Sarah Scudder co-hosts the room with Michelle Hartjes. Michelle runs a print management firm in Australia that helps clients source print and packaging.

Upcoming Topics:

-The Use of Augmented Reality (AR) in Print

-The Future of QR Codes


Join us on Clubhouse!


11am & 7pm EDT