Leadership Team

Meet the leaders that hold this team together like super glue.

Sandy Kane


Sandy Kane is Michael Phelps, Homer, Warren Buffett, Casey Kasem, and Abraham Lincoln wrapped up into one fully functional package. Sandy is a great listener who tells the truth. He hires the best people and provides them with the tools and the autonomy to be successful. Sandy has contributed much to the world.

Here are only a few of Sandy’s contributions:

  • He ran IBM’s worldwide semiconductor operations.
  • He was one of the founders of SEMATECH and served as executive director.
  • He tackled four startups and three turnarounds and survived.
  • He is the president of Kane Concepts Incorporated, a management-consulting firm.
  • His greatest contribution, however, is his devotion to his family.
  • He loves his wife, three children, and grandchildren more than anything.

As for Michael Phelps, Sandy was a swimmer in high school; as for Homer, Sandy is a storyteller; as for Warren Buffett, Sandy is a successful CEO; as for Casey Kasem, Sandy has a wonderfully melodic radio voice; and, finally, as for Abe Lincoln, Sandy is an avid reader.

Whatever you are, be a good one.

- Abraham Lincoln

Shawn McMillen

VP, Procurement

Shawn McMillen is an amateur chef, an avid golfer, and an Elvis fan. He is humble, warm, compassionate, and, like a Sufi master, he has no ego.

If his proverbial arm were not twisted, Shawn would never agree to having a bio. He truly believes there is no need for one. He prefers being the quiet, behind the scenes, self-taught computer genius that he is.

Shawn has the genetic make-up for visual arts success. His father and grandfather were successful entrepreneurs in the industry. Shawn would never brag about it, but his 26-foot tall Trix cereal box painted masterpiece was once used in a national commercial.

What does Shawn do in his role as VP Procurement? He oversees sourcing, contract negotiations and pricing. He vets and manages suppliers. He identifies new suppliers that have innovative solutions. He manages RSN’s success team, and he oversees billing and accounting.

Shawn McMillen is the sun and, thank goodness, he ain’t going away

Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t going away.

- Elvis Presley

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