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How Much Is That Long Term Print Vendor Relationship Costing You?

By June 22, 2021No Comments

Procurement Foundry CEO & Founder Michael Cadieux interviews Sarah Scudder.

  • They discuss sourcing print.
  • Marketing stakeholders can be difficult to work with. Often they don’t want anything to do with procurement.
  • Advice she has for sourcing leaders trying to win over marketing stakeholders to get access to the print spend.
  • Start small. Baby steps. Offer to help with the “small stuff” they don’t care much about like:
  • Freight: consider having your print suppliers ship on your account instead of theirs to avoid markups & have transparency on your freight spend
  • Transport & logistics for tradeshow materials: ship on your account; access print on demand vs. inventoried option; have a check-in & checkout schedule for key materials
  • Warehousing & fulfillment: determine how much $ you are spending on destroying inventory that’s no longer relevant; consider print on demand (POD) vs. inventory; centralize warehousing with 1 supplier; find a supplier that’s centrally located to reduce freight costs & delivery times
  • Specific sub-categories such as: business cards, envelopes & financial printing (usually not under mkt) are areas where procurement may be able to break the ice


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