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Let’s Talk Supply Chain

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The topic: how companies can make their packaging more sustainable without costing a fortune.

You will learn:
– What the data about consumer behavior reveals and why eliminating plastic packaging is so difficult to do
– Importance of sustainable packaging for the environment & for consumers who are demanding more sustainable practices
– Popular packaging strategies and materials that your business should consider using
– The best & most cost-effective ways to make packaging more sustainable

Sarah Scudder also shares FIVE ways your company can make it’s packaging lighter and thus save oodles of moola:

1) Pack your goods in corrugated cartons. Not only is corrugated packaging stronger than regular cardboard, it is light as well, thanks to its clever three-layer design that effectively produces air-filled pockets between the outer and inner layers.

2) Use lightweight packaging material. While there are many types of packing material that will hold a product securely in place within a shipping carton, some options are lighter than others. For example, air pillows are nearly weightless but provide effective cushioning.

3) Have a custom carton designed. The more precisely a shipping carton matches the shape and size of the item you are shipping, the less packing material will be needed. If you ship a particular product on a regular basis, the expense of having a custom carton designed and manufactured may very quickly be offset by savings in shipping costs.

4) Use foam inserts. Foam inserts designed to fit the shape of your product and cradle it within the shipping carton are very strong and lightweight.

5) Use water-activated tape. You might not think of tape as adding much weight to a package. However, when strip upon strip of plastic pressure-sensitive tape must be used to securely seal a package, it is possible for the cumulative weight to push a package up into the next cost category. Water-activated tape (WAT), also known as paper tape, gummed tape, or Kraft paper tape, creates a strong, tamper-evident seal with just one strip from water-activated tape dispenser.

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