By: PSDA Staff


Sarah Scudder, president of Real Sourcing Network, had been trying to nail down a meeting with Amazon. “I’d had a few conversations with the decision maker for print and marketing services procurement at Amazon, who expressed interest in launching a paid software pilot with a small user group,” Scudder says. “We were about to begin the data assessment phase, and my contact (Amanda) went silent. After six weeks of trying to make contact with Amanda, something more drastic was needed to get a response.”

That drastic move? Scudder sent Amazon several million dollars in fake money in a briefcase, along with this note:

Hi Amanda,

It’s been awhile since I last heard from you. I know things can get lost in the shuffle, so I thought I’d send you this gentle reminder. I hope the briefcase finds you well. Inside you’ll find several million dollars. This amount represents the estimated yearly savings your team could achieve by bidding your print jobs through our Sourceit print e-sourcing tool. (This amount represents a conservative 15% cost-savings you can achieve with Sourceit.) While the money in the briefcase may not be real today, the savings could become very real tomorrow. Amazon could boldly save where no company has saved before.

Let me know when you are free to reconnect next week.

Live long and prosper!



Amanda sent Scudder this picture back with the note: “I’m smiling now but won’t be when I try to turn this in via our gifting policy!”


So, why fake money? “Don’t tell people what you can do. Show them,” Scudder says. Also, Scudder believes in sending unique and funny things in the mail that relate to the print e-sourcing tool software her company sells. “Humor is important,” she says.

The humor worked. Scudder got the meeting. “It was unique, fun, clever and relevant to the value our print e-sourcing tool software provides,” she says. “Buyers get bombarded with electronic notes. It’s rare for them to get packages in the mail.”

And the kicker? She bought the fake money on Amazon.

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