Why Work With RSN?

RSN’s procurement outsourcing solution enable companies to bring spending on printing and packaging – which is a significant part of unmanaged tail spend in most companies – under effective control.

Working with us companies can realize cost savings of 9% – 22%, streamline and automate (or completely outsource) procurement processes, and track the performance of sustainable procurement and supplier diversity programs. And because RSN’s solution can be implemented easily and quickly, these benefits begin to accrue almost immediately.

RSN Solutions Drive Value

Impressive Cost Savings

RSN’s solutions leverage competitive bidding to capture cost savings on purchases of print and packaging. As a result, RSN clients regularly achieve cost savings of 14% to 22% on these purchases.

An Expanded Supplier Base

With RSN, companies can continue doing business with their existing providers of print and packaging and gain access to RSN’s extensive network of reliable and proven suppliers.

Improved Visibility

RSN’s solutions provide companies exceptional visibility regarding their spending on print and packaging and the performance of their suppliers. Both cost savings and supplier performance are tracked at the individual purchase level, giving procurement professionals invaluable insights for managing their print and packaging spend.

Corporate Social Responsibility

In response to increasing regulations and changing customer expectations, companies are focusing greater attention on several dimensions of corporate social responsibility.

RSN’s solutions support these efforts by enabling companies to:

  • Track tier 2 diversity spend across four supplier categories – minority-owned suppliers, woman-owned suppliers, veteran-owned suppliers, and suppliers having a unionized workforce

  • Track spending with suppliers who meet defined environmental sustainability standards

  • Track spending with “local” suppliers

Ease of Implementation & Integration

RSN’s solutions are easy to implement and easy to integrate with other enterprise technology systems. In most cases, our solutions can be implemented and operating in only 14 days. As a result, most RSN clients realize a positive ROI within 30 days. And RSN solutions are easy to integrate with ERP and procure-to-pay technology systems.

A Comprehensive Category Solution

RSN’s solutions will meet all your organization’s needs relating to the procurement of print and packaging Our clients use RSN to source:

Marketing & Business Communications Materials

(Such as marketing/sales collateral documents, customer communication materials, and even stationery and business cards)

Creative Services

(Such as graphic design, copywriting, web design, video production, and translation services)

Fulfillment &
Distribution Services

(Such as direct mail services, warehousing, pick and pack, kitting, and freight services)

Packaging Materials

(Such as boxes, bags, sleeves, and custom packaging materials)

How To Get Started

Setup a free 30-minute consultation with an RSN print and packaging expert.