Why Packaging Matters

Packaging keeps your product safe in transport, prevents perishable items from going bad before their expiration date and can offer functional purposes after being opened.

Packaging sells products. Lots of them. And can increase brand awareness. So it’s important to get it right!


Customers are pushing companies to have more sustainable packaging. Ever received a shipment with one or two small items in a massive box and became concerned about the waste?

We’ve got packaging suppliers in our network with sustainability certifications for ink, materials and careful disposal of waste. We also help companies reduce the weight of their packaging to reduce waste in the transportation process. We are tracking new materials, like hemp, closely to see if they can provide viable sustainable packaging solutions in the future.

Packaging Services We Provide

We have a section in our print eSourcing software to procure branded packaging globally. We have packaging sourcing expertise on staff and resources that specialize in designing and redesigning packaging. We also have a global network of packaging suppliers that specialize in many different types of packaging manufacturing. We track and manage their performance in our software to ensure quality standards and production times are met.

We can design packaging for a new product. We focus on making the packaging as light as possible to reduce transportation costs and waste.

We can take existing packaging and redesign it to make it lighter, more functional and allow for more impactful marketing.

We can source new and/or existing packaging using our software to obtain multiple bids to ensure competitive pricing. We often save clients 9 – 18% on their packaging by using our software to bid projects. Our supplier network includes suppliers in the US and several other countries.

We can warehouse your packaging materials and fulfill orders as needed. We can build an online portal to allow end users to login and order the materials they need with no more than 5 clicks of their mouse. We have multiple warehouse facilities throughout the US. Our largest warehouse is in Dallas, TX.

Types of Branded Packaging We Can Source

  • Corrugated

  • Folding Cartons

  • Flexibles

  • Bags

  • Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)

  • Rigid Containers

How To Get Started

Setup a free 30-minute consultation with an RSN sustainable packaging expert.