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Why Print Should be Part of Your Omnichannel Marketing Toolkit

Multiple research studies have shown that printed marketing communications appeal to consumers and business buyers in ways that digital communications cannot duplicate. Even more studies show that companies have greater success when they use an integrated, omnichannel approach to marketing.

So you might think most companies routinely include a print component in their omnichannel marketing programs, but that hasn’t been the case. Until recently, it was cumbersome to incorporate print in omnichannel marketing programs. That’s no longer true, but many companies still haven’t added print to their omnichannel marketing toolkit.

In this virtual experience our President Sarah Scudder is joined by John Follett, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Success Officer at Demand Metric Research Corporation, and Nick Runyon, Chief Marketing Officer at PFL. John and Nick share the major findings from their latest survey on “The State of Multichannel Marketing,” and they explain why print should be part of your omnichannel marketing programs.

Sarah Scudder


Nick Runyon


John Follett

Demand Metric