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Brian Harman

Brian M Harman is a speaker, author and workshop facilitator who loves to laugh. He inspires people to achieve lasting personal and professional growth using humor, storytelling, and trust in leadership.

Brian is an LA-born SF-transplant from a big family and 3 brothers. After completing his MBA at Pepperdine University, he traveled abroad to study global enterprise management at the University of Oxford. Currently, Brian is finishing his PhD dissertation on building trust with humor in leadership.

A professor in the field of leadership, Brian teaches and speaks around the globe, also here at UC Berkeley, helping professionals and students find their voice and have more fun in their lives. His latest book, Learn Laugh Lead, is the first in a series of fun, helpful and practical tools on leadership development.

Brian is CEO, Chief Emotive Officer, of Business Management Hallmark, a professional firm dedicated to teaching leaders how to boost emotional intelligence and have fun at work again. If your staff needs a laugh, ask him how! Their flagship course, HTFS 3.0, is deeply educational, wildly exciting, and fiercely inspiring.

Brian Harman

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