Procurement Executive Roundtable

Road Mapping Your Procurement Career

Are you still driving that behemoth, gas guzzling, pollution spouting procurement vehicle of shame? Is your career stuck in the proverbial mud? Are your motivational tires flat and your shock absorbers feeling every bump in the road? Are your pistons not firing on all cylinders? Do you need a crash course in auto mechanics? Do you need a new car?

If any of the above inane automobile allusions describe your procurement career, then you must attend our informative and inspiring Road Mapping Your Procurement Career panel discussion. You will learn how to advance your career, how to expand your skill set, and even how to find employment at a company more suited to your needs.

When: Tuesday, October 22nd

Where: JPMorgan Chase

8181 Communications Parkway, Plano, TX 76124

Time: 6 – 8:30pm CST

Format: networking, appetizers, drinks and a panel

Live stream: to join the live stream at 7:25pm for the panel, go to our Facebook page HERE; post your questions and we will ask them to the panel for you

Meet The Speakers

Gregg Bass (Panelist)

Director of Strategic Sourcing

Breana Chan(Panelist)

VP, Global Supplier Services
Financial Industry

Navin Rana (Panelist)

Senior Global Procurement Manager

Luz Aragon (Panelist)

Global Senior Director of Procurement
Grupo Bimbo

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