Enterprise-Class Technology

RSN’s enterprise-class, cloud-based Sourceit software empowers companies to realize substantial cost savings, improve speed-to-market, and automate the processes inherent in sourcing printing and marketing services. Sourceit is purpose-built to support the unique requirements of these complex spend categories. With Sourceit, procurement teams can easily and effectively manage purchases of a wide range of printed materials and marketing services.

Sourceit provides an unparalleled set of functional capabilities


Sourceit supports both RFQ/RFP-based purchasing and catalog-based buying.


Sourceit simplifies the process of creating complete and accurate project specifications and automates the transmission of RFQs/RFPs to prospective suppliers. Sourceit also makes it easy for prospective suppliers to submit bids or proposals.


Once the buying decision has been made, Sourceit gives buyers all the tools required to manage the project through to completion.


Sourceit enables procurement professionals to track:
  • Spending by product type, supplier, and organizational unit
  • Cost savings on every purchase
  • Key measures of supplier performance such as bid turnaround time and on-time delivery
  • Performance of corporate social responsibility initiatives such as supplier diversity and sustainable procurement


Sourceit has a user-friendly interface that encourages adoption and enables new users to become proficient quickly without extensive training.


Because Sourceit is a cloud-based solution, there’s no on-premises software to install and manage. Most RSN clients are up and running on Sourceit within 14 days.


Sourceit is hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, which ensures enterprise-class reliability and performance, and robust security.

A Simple Buying Process

Sourceit dramatically streamlines and automates the process of buying printing and marketing services.

Sourceit employs “product types” to guide users through the process of creating complete and accurate project specifications. With Sourceit, users only need to enter specifications that are relevant to the product or service they want to buy.

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Once a project is described, Sourceit users simply select prospective suppliers to compete for the work. Sourceit automatically transmits the RFQ/RFP to the selected suppliers and provides the mechanism for those suppliers to submit their bids or proposals.

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Sourceit makes it easy for the buyer to analyze and compare received bids or proposals, select a supplier to perform the work, and initiate the purchase.

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Communications with suppliers about ongoing projects are handled within Sourceit, which enables your buyers to manage proofing and issue any required change orders all within a single software application.

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Easy Integration Eliminates Silos

In today’s interconnected business world, companies simply can’t afford to rely on technology systems that operate in silos. Sourceit has been designed and engineered with interoperability in mind.

Through Sourceit, integrations have been developed with many of the most widely used ERP and procure-to-pay applications, including SAP (Ariba), Coupa, Oracle, Synertrade, Zycus, PeopleSoft, and Salesforce.

In addition, RSN has developed and published an enterprise-class, fully documented application programming interface (API) for the Sourceit application. The Sourceit API makes it easy to integrate Sourceit with other enterprise software systems.

What Makes Sourceit Unique?

Sourceit helps make buying marketing services easier.

Sourceit gives buyers the tools and freedom to work collaboratively with their suppliers helping them make sense of information and to move quickly, ensuring projects, deadlines and savings are achieved.

Our software is innovative, powerful, easy to use and implement and will deliver better buying experiences for buyers and their suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the system integrate with ERP software applications such as SAP (Ariba), Oracle, Coupa, Quickbooks, Xero etc.?

Yes, Sourceit has been built using RESTful APIs that can be integrated with almost any external software application.

How long does it take to implement Sourceit?

While every client is different and it depends on the number of users and suppliers, typically we recommend allowing 1-2 weeks to get the process complete, from site setup to having your users trained. We do provide ongoing support for all users, so help is never far away.

Can I collaborate and share files with my suppliers within Sourceit?

Yes, Sourceit allows buyers and suppliers to collaborate in real time via the messaging function, this includes uploading any type of supporting document and artwork.

Are my suppliers charged to respond to quotes or access Sourceit?

No, there are no fees for your suppliers and there is no limit to the number of suppliers that you can provide access to your instance of Sourceit.

Can I create and manage projects with multiple items?

Yes, our project management feature allows buyers to add an unlimited number of items in a single project, each with different suppliers. This is another way we help keep buyers organized and on track.

Can I or my customers receive proofs through Sourceit?

Yes, your suppliers can upload proofs directly into Sourceit, you can either approve the proof yourself or send onto another stakeholder to approve or reject.

Can I create reports on my activity, spend and supplies?

Sourceit has a powerful reporting capability built directly into the platform, allowing you to create your own reports. You can even schedule reports to be generated and delivered to you at set times.

How does Sourceit impact my relationship with existing suppliers?

Most companies today respond to quote requests online, your suppliers are no different. While the software provides all the tools for you and your supplier to communicate and share files online, nothing should replace or change the positive relationship you have with your suppliers.

Do I have to award work to the lowest cost supplier every time?

No, while Sourceit will help you select the best supplier for each job, as the buyer you make the final decision on who you wish to award any work to.