Companies use our print e-sourcing tool to manage their print buying process in-house. Sourceit allows companies to setup their own preferred suppliers, and Sourceit ensures that there are at least five bids on each print job.

The Software


Our solution allows you to load your preferred print suppliers and investigate others that we have pre-loaded for comparative analyses. It ensures a competitive, 5-bid process that coordinates proofing, manages corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives and tracks the 14%-22% savings we guarantee. We easily integrate with your order management, P2P and ERP systems.

Use RSN to manage your print buying

We routinely use our own software to assist clients who prefer a full or partially outsourced solution. For some or all of your print spend we will:

  • Setup & manage your preferred print suppliers
  • Establish and manage competitive bidding 
  • Proof artwork
  • Manage brand standards for consistency
  • Centralized your print data 

What makes our software so unique?


Track and manage Tier II diversity spend from your certified print suppliers in four categories – woman owned, veteran owned, minority owned and union shop.


Administrators can set spending limits and order approvals based on authorizations that can be applied to users, suppliers, dollar amounts and categories.


Compare detailed bids from 5 or more preferred suppliers in an easy-to-view, comprehensive analysis/reporting dashboard.


Setup and objectively manage the performance of your preferred print suppliers. Track their performance, response times and the competitiveness of their pricing.

The Software


  • A comprehensive category solution —centralized data and sourcing management
  • Guaranteed savings that are tracked for analysis and reporting, in just 30 days
  • Innovative 5-bid process 
  • Rate card pricing management for high volume items 
  • Easy to use —very little training required, regardless of category experience
  • Ease of integration to P2P and ERP systems  
  • Short, effective implementations—2 week cycle-times typical
  • Services international users (multiple currency and metric options)