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ISM | New Jersey Inc.

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ISM | New Jersey Inc.

To Better Network, or Not to Better Network,

That is the Question

The most successful people are often the best networkers. It’s simple. If you want to propel your career forward, become a better networker. Are you not sure how to get started? Do you need expert networking advice? You’re in luck. We have the perfect webinar for you.

Wednesday, March 4th

2pm EST


Meet The Speaker

Sarah Scudder

Real Sourcing Network (RSN)

Sarah Scudder, President of Real Sourcing Network (RSN), has built three successful careers (marketer, marketing procurement professional and marketing procurement tech entrepreneur). She attributes her success, all while under the age of 40, to networking. In this fast-paced hour-long webinar, Sarah will share her stories of success and…not-so-successes…, and she will share her statistically supported networking expertise, so you can be a better networker, virtually or otherwise.